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Midnight Hour

I lie awake in the midnight hours

Tormented by a painful past

Vivid pictures on replay

Studying my broken path

Afraid to close my eyes

Anticipating dreadful dreams

Desperate for your saving grace

Abba, can you hear me?

Awake my soul and set me free

Mend these broken pieces

Get these shackles off of me

Jehova Rapha, I need you, please

I fall to my knees in surrender

Singing Holy, Holy is your name

Abba, can you hear me now?

I feel your saving grace

You wrap your loving arms around me

The weight of my burdens falling off

Strongholds and chains broken off

You whisper are you ready yet or not?

Hands up, my heart opened wide

Yahweh I lift your name high

Shouts of praises leave my lips

Your glory fills my space

Your still voice is fire through my veins

Your love endures forever

Take my life and all that I am

Make me whole again

Crush me, prune me and mold me

Take my hands and take my heart

I give it all to follow you

Lead me into your secret place

I love you for who you are in the midst

And who you’ve been through the pain

My comforter, my healer, my friend

Jesus, the only way

In the midnight hours

You’ve taken me from darkness

And led me into your light

Given me joy

and restoreth my soul

In the midnight hours

I’ve seen your face

Watched you fight off forces

filled me with wonder

You’ve given me rest

In the midnight hours

I’ll seek your face

Humbly accept your grace

Your love burning in my heart

Thank you, Abba


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